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Typhoon Meari Storms Japan

Japan (HDW) September 30, 2004 - Typhoon Meari is sweeping through Southern Japan and many people are missing. Typhoon Meari is the 8th major storm to hit Japan in its cyclone season. This is reported to be the worst cyclone season on record for both Japan in Asia and for Florida in the United States of America. Researchers are studying why the 2004 cyclone season has been so bad.

The picture above, taken from a NASA satellite, displays Typhoon Meari in its recent approach to Japan. Typhoon Meari was reported to be about 90 nautical miles south of Kyoto, Japan by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center on Wednesday. It was predicted that the typhoon would continue to move north and east, and that it would lose power as it continued to move over land in Japan. At the time of this report, less than a dozen people were feared dead, and a similar amount were missing within Japan.

This has been the worst Hurricane season in Florida’s history and the worst Typhoon season in Japan’s history. China experienced its worst single Typhoon earlier in the summer. This 2004 cyclone season may go down as the worst in recorded history, and researchers are trying to find out if there is more to come.


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